I got attacked by an extremely overloaded shelf of hanging clothes this morning. Then the crappy Ikea storage shelf to the right (that held towers and stacks of t-shirts and sweaters) gave the f*ck up, too, all vindictive like it wanted to get in on the protest.

That has nothing to do with what this post is about, but I just wanted to share how my day is going thus far.

It’s Mid-November, and people are already getting excited about Christmas music. The minute Halloween passed, store shelves were cleared out and Christmas sparkles decked the aisles. The malls are already dressed, Santa is already on his throne, and Target’s holiday circulars are already in my trash bin. A house in my neighborhood already has a giant Santa set up. (I’m not judging; I’m actually a bit envious).

I’ll be honest. I’m excited about the holidays. Everything gets all decked out and pretty and sparkly and special. Me and the family do silly traditional things that I don’t really care about, but the love and kids talk about all year long. I especially like the change of seasons. I like the cold. I like how cozy our living room donned in red and green feels when lit with twinkle lights from the tree. I really like old school Christmas music (and seriously, can we lose Manheim Steamroller?). I’ve ready spent a girls night out watching the latest Bad Moms holiday movie, and I swear there’s a already a whole docket of upcoming traditions and activities for us and the kids.

My husband is not a fan of all of this, and has no problem being called a Scrooge. Over the years, we’ve had many arguments around Christmas. When we were dating, I remember arguments about which family were were spending the holidays with. One year, I remember being on the verge of tears over whether or we’d get a tree. (Who knew I was so sentimental? Some of us never realize how important a thing is until we cry about it… amirite?). Over the years, we’ve both conceded a little here and there. (#compromiseFTW!!!) I wouldn’t play Christmas music when he was around, and he wouldn’t complain whenever we did something odd and Christmas-y.

Now, however, we have kids that are at that adorable, ridiculously-excited-about-Christmas age. Our oldest daughter asks me almost everyday if Santa or the Elf on the Shelf is real. (To which I always reply… “Hmm, I don’t really know. What do you think?”) I think it’s helped Dan slowly, little by little, open up to the idea of the possibility and slight chance that there is even such as thing as feeling of Christmas Spirit. It’s also highly possible, however, that he’s outnumbered now, and just decided it’s easier to go along with it rather than fight it. I’m good with that.

Yesterday, I sheepishly revealed that I had listened to ONE Christmas song by myself, in the car, all alone, belting it at the tops of my lungs… and it made me happy. And he exasperatedly called me (and the rest of the world) impatient. And I called him… a whiner (I think I called him that… we honestly both don’t remember what I called him but I remember it being equally insulting, if not better). As silly as our conversation was, I felt like I had won that round, and decided that the time had come to convert Dan to what I am henceforth calling “Christmasanity.”

Que the lights and the music! My self-imposed mission: Operation Christmas Spirit. From December 1 until December 25th, me and the girls are going to do whatever it takes to get Dan into the Christmas Spirit.

I’ve started to do some internet-y research, and I found some helpful tips in the The Art of Manliness’s article “11 Ways To Get In the Holiday Spirit”  and HuffPost has some good ones on unconventional ways to get in the Holiday spirit, too.

However, this is no regular mission. My husband is not going to get excited with Christmas movies or caroling. So, with his Scrooge-specific likes and dislikes in mind, I have planned a few traditional events, a few surprises, and a few activities I’ll leave up in the air for him to choose.

Christmas donuts, cookies, candy, and brownies will definitely be involved, along with other staples like Santa hats, matching PJs, and ugly sweaters. There’ll be our traditional family favorite activites, like obtaining and decorating a (real or fake) Christmas tree, Shady Brook Farm light show, the girls’ school Christmas shows, and a visit to Sesame Place’s Holiday Spectacular. In addition, I’ve added some Santa approved – and probably not approved – fun, like a 76ers game (if that doesn’t scream Christmas, then I don’t know what does), holiday parties, and other um, holiday treats. For the grand finale, we’re spending our Christmas through New Years in California and Hawaii with friends and family.

You guys, if this doesn’t work, I don’t think anything will! I will relinquish my leadership of the Christmasanitians. And promise refocus my efforts to something more like fixing my shitty shelf problems. If you have any ideas or suggestions (Christmas or shelving related), let me know and wish me luck!

Happy Holidays, my fellow Christmasanitians!

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