The Great Escape Challenge of 2020

In the middle of Thursday morning last week, in the middle of my lawn, sat a brand-new coffee table.

I pulled into my driveway exactly ten minutes after the delivery men called to notify me they were running over an hour early. As three men stood proudly around the beautiful, Pottery Barn coffee table sitting in the grass for my whole neighborhood to enjoy, I cringed and sweetly asked them to re-box it since it was going to another location. Luckily, they were happy to oblige and carry it down to my basement.

If you’ve been following along the last three months, you’d know I did The Artist’s Way 12-week recovery challenge, finishing it two weeks ago. Inspired by the work I did during those 12 weeks, I’ve created another challenge to help me get through the pandemic: The Great Escape Challenge of 2020. The challenge is to explore creative ways to escape and get out of my house in a safe way over the next year. 

Feel free to join me!  Maybe it’s planning a hike once a month, setting up a weekly Zoom party, carving out a new room in your home just for you, or setting time aside once a week to escape into a book or movie. Give yourself permission to try and find ways to get what you need during this rough time, no matter how silly it seems or what other people might think.

After a ridiculous amount of hours scouring the internet and sending inquiries, I found great solution for me and my family: a beach place only an hour away from where we live! With the kids going to school virtually this year, experimenting with having a place on the beach seems like it’ll be a fantastic, temporary escape with the option of it being long term if we love it. We’re planning on spending time there during the week and in the off-season, with less crowds and cooler temps. Wish us luck! 🙂